Hi, I'm Sarasvati! I reblog things about bands I like. Sometimes I post pictures of my records or a show I attended. I live in Gainesville and FEST is my favorite time of year.




  • Conor Murphy - Foxing
  • Erik Czaja - Dowsing
  • Evan Weiss - Into it. Over it.
  • Ben Hendricks - Annabel
  • Keith Latinen - Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
  • Alissa Reynolds - Alissa Reynolds Photography

I hung out with some incredibly talented folks last night. 

(Photos by Derek McNelly. Please don’t remove credit.)

We had an amazing time at the empireempireband album release show. One of our interns, derekmcnelly took some photos to commemorate the occasion!

Thanks to derekmcnelly and all who participated!

“I’m making excuses to justify my conclusions…”

I’m making excuses to justify my conclusions…”

Somos “Lives Of Others” Music Video



Somos have released a music video for “Lives Of Others.” Watch the video below after the jump. 

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When there’s nothing left to burn
You have to set yourself on fire.

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headed down south to the land of the pines
I’m thumbin’ my way into north caroline
staring up the road
pray to god I see headlights

um what-a-tragic-mess

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